Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Detox days 12 & 13

This is getting tiring now... I'm near the end of my cleanse & I believe it's done what it was meant to do. Yes, it's put a slight spring in my step. Yes, I'm feeling more energetic & "on", without the help of caffeine. But... I'm getting tired of it. I really really really want an espresso in the biggest, baddest way possible.

I did 2 mini-cheats. Once you're at the end of the second week, I think mini-cheats are inevitable. I mean, I've been so very good, so why not! Plus, one of my cheats was for the purpose of job security - a piece of birthday cake in honour of my branch manager.

Day 12
Breakfast: oatmeal, banana & hemp seeds
snack: grapes
lunch: salad w/ tuna
cheat: teeny weeny piece of birthday cake... again,for my branch manager - and I couldn't risk losing my job by not eating the cake.
snack: applesauce & almonds
dinner: butternut squash soup & rice cakes w/ apple butter
snack: apple & some pistachio nuts

Day 13
breakfast: oatmeal, banana & hemp seeds (yawn)
lunch: a McDonald's Happy Meal - in honour of McHappy Day to benefit local charities.... BUT I had chicken nuggets (batter peeled off lovingly by moi), apple slices & water. So, technically, it was a half-cheat
snack: 1 rice cake w/ apple butter
snack: 1 apple & a handful of pistachios
dinner: chili c/o my mamma-in-law & a nice big salad
snack... to be determined... maybe another rice cake....and definitely an herbal tea

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